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Price: £16.96 inc VAT

Price: £32.00 inc VAT

At home HIV test kit

Simplitude™ ByMe™ is a HIV home test kit for rapid HIV testing

Our HIV self-test kit is the first all-in-one HIV blood test which has been designed to make your home testing experience easier. The accurate, diagnostic HIV test kit is simple to use and gives you a positive or negative result in a matter of minutes.

There are many reasons you may be considering taking an at home HIV test, and our kit is designed with you in mind. The Simplitude™ ByMe™ instant HIV self-test enables you to be in control of your health, fitting to your routine and your lifestyle.

How to test for HIV

The home HIV test kit comes with everything you need to test yourself safely and confidently. Designed as an all-in-one kit, it is quick and easy to use, and with its discreet packaging and disposal bag it is also completely anonymous.

Simplitude™ ByMe™ is a same day HIV test so you get your results straight away. You do not need to send off a sample as your result will be displayed on the testing device itself.

Using the HIV home test kit:
Please read the instructions enclosed carefully before using the self-test kit
For accurate results, you will need to complete the HIV blood test at least 12 weeks after any possible exposure.

What to do if my HIV test result is negative / positive

HIV is a treatable condition, and an early diagnosis means that you can access treatment sooner and improve your chances of controlling the virus.

Negative result: If your HIV self-test is negative, stay informed and keep in mind when and why to continue testing. Encourage others to test too.

Positive result: If your home HIV test is positive, it means that it is reactive to your antibodies. It is important that you go to a HIV clinic for further testing.
An early diagnosis will enable you to access effective HIV treatment that stops the progression of the virus and eliminates the risk of transmission by making the virus undetectable.
(Undetectable means that it is not transmittable. If a person living with HIV stays undetectable for 6 months or more while on treatment, they cannot transmit HIV through sex.)

Please visit for more details, understanding your result and for support and advice on HIV testing in the UK.

Why choose this HIV self-test

  • Simple to use: all-in-one device pricks your finger, collects the blood sample and displays your result
  • Rapid HIV test: get results in just 15 minutes
  • Over 99% accurate
  • Test at home: you have complete control over where and when you take your HIV test
  • Anonymous HIV testing: discreet packaging for delivery and disposal
  • CE marked: gives you confidence in its quality

Order the HIV home test kit online

Available to order from anywhere in the UK, our instant HIV test is delivered to you in discreet packaging and is small enough to fit through a UK letterbox.

Buy the Simplitude™ ByMe™ at home HIV test online using the PayPal button above

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UK HIV testing and support

For further support and information on Simplitude™ ByMe™ and HIV self-testing, please visit: