Amielle Care


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Self treatment for post pelvic radiotherapy adhesions and scarring

Radiotherapy to the upper part of the vagina can cause the vagina to narrow, become drier and less elastic due to scar tissue formation. Preventing the formation of scar tissue within the vagina helps ensure that it remains supple so that sexual intercourse and vaginal examinations can be performed without discomfort or pain.

Using vaginal dilators, such as Amielle Care can help prevent this formation of scar tissue.  Amielle Care dilators have a flat top to reach up to your cervix, ensuring you reach all the areas where scar tissue might form.  Due to Amielle Care's shape it is usually given to women who have received radiotherapy to the upper part of their vagina.

Designed in conjunction with the UK National Forum of Gynaecological Oncology Nurses, Amielle Care vaginal dilators help to reduce the risk of scarring and offer an effective way for women to take an active role in their treatment.


4 graduated dilators

TWIST and LOCK handle

Lubricating gel

Instructions for use (you can also click on the link provided to see how to use Amielle Care)

Amielle Care is available on prescription




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