Autolet® Impression


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Autolet® Impression is an advanced lancing device designed to provide maximum comfort and control when obtaining a blood sample, encouraging regular glucose tesing and management of blood sugar levels.

Our unique Comfort Zone Technology® provides a vitually pain free blood sampling experience.  The raised dots of Comfort Zone Technology® mask the sensation of pain by stimulating the nerve endings responsible for sensing contact, pressure and texture.  This masks the brain's idenitification of the needle puncture.

Autolet® Impression also features:

  • Force Adjustment that allows you to control the lancet force when sampling. Can be used as an alternative to increasing the penetration depth. 
  • 7 penetration depth settings to promote control and preference.
  • Optional clear alternate site end cap that allows the device to be used for testing on alternate sites such as the forearm for painless testing.
  • Large ergonomic firing button.

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1 Autolet® Impression

1 depth adjuster

1 alternate site end cap

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