Autopen® 24 - 2-42 Unit Pen


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Everyday thousands of people have to inject themselves with insulin. Autopen® has been designed to make this experience as easy as possible with a side-mounted firing button and ultra-low force needed to inject the insulin.

Autopen® is compatible with ALL major brands of insulin pen needles.

Autopen® 24 is compatbile with sanofi 3ml insulin cartridges.  The 2-42 unit pen dials up in 2 unit increments to a maximum of 42 units.

Benefits of Autopen® include:

  • Effortless Delivery
  • Automatic insulin delivery
  • Less force to deliver
  • Less distance to deliver
  • Improved comfort and control

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3 Unifine® Pentips® pen needles

Adaptive accessories (These will make injecting with Autopen® even easier)

Autopen® is available on prescription.

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