Unilet® ComforTouch™ 28 Gauge - 200 pack


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Unilet® lancets offer a complete range of needle sizes to ensure that accurate blood samples for all popular meters can be obtained with any skin type, quickly, easily and consistently.

The specially shaped needles and choice of needle diameters enable users to obtain blood samples with minimum discomfort or tissue damage. This makes it easier to comply with the daily practice of blood glucose monitoring.

Because Unilet® lancets are not device-specific, users are free to choose the gauge and shape of lancet best suited to them and their lancing device.

Safety Information
Due to the risk of cross infection, this single use device is for self-monitoring by a single user only. Reuse of this single use device will affect safety, performance and effectiveness, and exposes users to unnecessary risks.

Unilet® is available on prescription.