Unistik® 3 Extra - Box of 100


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Simply twist... then sample.

Unistik® 3 has been developed to provide the most comfortable blood sampling experience.

Patented Comfort Zone Technology® gives a virtually pain free experience. The unique raised dots of Comfort Zone Technology® mask the sensation of pain by stimulating the nerve endings responsible for contact, pressure and texture, making the procedure a more comfortable experience.

Unistik® 3 allows the user to decide exactly when to activate the device and how much pressure to apply. The design makes it easy and comfortable to grip, giving the user complete confidence and control during the procedure.

The benefits of using Unistik® 3 Extra include:

  • Gauge:  21G  Dep:  2.0m
  • Blood volume range:  75μL - 125μL

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Unistik® 3 Extra is available on prescription.


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