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Medical Shop

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Welcome to Medical Shop, your one-stop shop for products and support for people affected by diabetes, and other commonly linked conditions.

Here you will be able to browse products you may want to purchase, or download information resources to help with condition management.

Our exciting range includes the following:

  • GlucoTabs™ and Gluco™Juice dextro products to help you manage your health and continue with your normal daily activities
  • Frio® Cooling Wallets in a variety of sizes and colours to keep your medication cool
  • Unilet® Lancets for use with lancet devices and Unistik® single-use lancets for capillary blood testing
  • Amielle Vaginal Dilators to treat both Vaginismus and Vaginal Stenosis
  • Rapport™ devices for erectile dysfunction
  • Good Injection Guide to encourage good injection routine
  • Educational support booklets for people with diabetes

To purchase products, Medical Shop will redirect you to an online retail site for secure checkout and payment of your purchase.

A UK based customer service centre will also be happy to assist you with any queries.

Freephone: 0800 731 6959; Monday to Friday: 9am to 5.00pm

  • Blood Glucose Monitor

    Blood Glucose Monitoring

    As part of diabetes management, self-monitoring of blood glucose is important. This helps you to monitor for symptoms of hypo- or hyper-glycaemia. It also helps you to better manage your treatment and lifestyle choices, making alterations as required and in turn, can help to prevent potential long-term complications.

    Regular home blood glucose testing gives an accurate picture of blood glucose levels at the time of each test. This involves pricking the side of your finger and putting a drop of blood on a testing strip.

    Lancet devices, standard lancets and safety lancets are part of the capillary blood sampling process, facilitating blood glucose monitoring. These products are designed to make life easier for Healthcare Professionals and patients. e.g. Unistik®3, a single use safety lancet range can offer an easy to use lancing device option for patients at home or when travelling. They also help comply to EU Sharps Regulations in multi-patient healthcare settings.

    It is important to continue to monitor blood glucose – even when feeling ‘well’ – to ensure that you maintain an accurate guide to your blood glucose levels.

  • Blood Glucose Monitor

    Cases & Insulin Bags

    It is important that medication is always stored well.  Cases and storage bags designed for medication, especially when away from home (even for short periods) are handy-to-have products. 

    Used appropriately, they can make storing and protecting medication easy and convenient.

  • Blood Glucose Monitor


    Taking medication for long-term condition management whilst travelling needs consideration, as does the safe storage and disposal of devices.  A spare lancet device or insulin cooling wallet can help when planning to travel.  We’ve listed some products which may be of interest, whether you’re travelling on business or for pleasure.

  • Blood Glucose Monitor

    Managing Blood Glucose

    Out of control blood sugar levels can lead to both short- and long-term problems.  Following good routines and techniques as discussed with your healthcare professional are important.  This will include delivery of medication as well as corrective measures needed from time to time to help with managing blood glucose.

  • Blood Glucose Monitor

    Sexual Healthcare

    Medical Shop offers a range of sexual health products for both men and women.

    For men: Rapport™; vacuum pump therapy devices to aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

    For women: Amielle; a range of vaginal dilators for use either by women experiencing psychosexual issues or to deal with vaginal stenosis after pelvic radiotherapy. For more information click on the product listings below.