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Medical Shop

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Welcome to Medical Shop, your one-stop shop for products and support for people affected by diabetes, and other commonly linked conditions.

Here you will be able to browse products you may want to purchase, or download information resources to help with condition management.

Our exciting range includes the following:

  • GlucoTabs™ and Gluco™Juice dextro products to help you manage your health and continue with your normal daily activities
  • Frio® Cooling Wallets in a variety of sizes and colours to keep your medication cool
  • Unilet® Lancets for use with lancet devices and Unistik® single-use lancets for capillary blood testing
  • Amielle Vaginal Dilators to treat both Vaginismus and Vaginal Stenosis
  • Rapport™ devices for erectile dysfunction
  • Good Injection Guide to encourage good injection routine
  • Educational support booklets for people with diabetes

To purchase products, Medical Shop will redirect you to an online retail site for secure checkout and payment of your purchase.

A UK based customer service centre will also be happy to assist you with any queries.

Freephone: 0800 731 6959; Monday to Friday: 9am to 5.00pm

  • Blood Glucose Monitor

    Monitoring Diabetes

    The best way to make sure you are managing your diabetes correctly is through regular monitoring of your blood glucose levels. How frequently you will need to test your blood sugar levels will be discussed between you and your doctor or nurse. You can use a blood glucose meter to accurately check your blood glucose levels at home. You will be shown how the device works by a healthcare professional, but don’t be afraid to ask them any questions. Monitoring diabetes takes some effort but is well worth your time to help you maintain optimal blood sugar levels and prevent you from developing complications such as hyperglycaemia or hypoglycaemia.

    People with diabetes who take insulin to manage their condition may need to test their blood sugar levels several times per day, depending on the amount and type of insulin used. It is usually recommended to test your blood before meals and before going to bed at night if you are taking multiple insulin injections.

    Allowing your blood glucose levels to fall out of a healthy range can lead to short-term health issues that can easily be avoided by regular diabetes monitoring. Tools for testing diabetes have come a long way over the years and have been made much more straightforward and effective than just a few short years ago.

    Check with your nurse what a safe blood sugar range is for you. The safe range will be worked out for you based on:

    ● A presence of, or potential for, diabetes complications

    ● How long you have had diabetes

    ● The type and severity of diabetes

    ● Your age

    ● Your general health and any other medical conditions you carry

    ● Stage of pregnancy for women where applicable

    Taking a blood sample for diabetes monitoring at home is easy when you use one of the blood lancet device products available from the Medical Shop. Our safety lancet range can be used by people who are needle-phobic, for those with poor grip strength or finger dexterity that makes using a standard lancet difficult. They can also be used were a carer is taking a blood sample from a person who is unable to do so themselves.


    Autolet impression

    • Unilet Eco
    • ComforTouch

    Unistik Safety Lancets

    • Touch
    • Unistik 3

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  • Blood Glucose Monitor

    Cases & Insulin Bags

    The Medical Shop offers a selection of insulin cooling wallets. These are ideal diabetic insulin cases for travelling and when away from home.

    Insulin pen cooler bags are simple to use and convenient for keeping your medication cool when you don’t have a fridge available to keep your insulin chilled.

    The insulin cooling wallets are handy for storing injector pens and insulin cartridges, keeping your medication protected and in a safe condition. They are a useful tool for people with diabetes or for those taking other injectable medications that need to be kept cool. The range of insulin pen cooler bags is available in different sizes and colours with internal secure pockets to hold standard size insulin injector pens and cartridges.

    The FRIO cooling wallets come in two parts, the outer case and the inner cooling wallet. You activate the inner wallet by immersing it in cold water for around ten minutes as instructed. The cooling crystals inside the wallet absorb the water and expand into a cooling gel that can remain cool for up to 45 hours.

    The wallets use a system of evaporation for cooling so should not be stored in an air-tight container, but instead, be allowed to breathe to keep the cooling gel active.

    Frio insulin cooling wallets help to keep your medication cool and are easy to use. They are lightweight to carry and are reusable by simply immersing the inner wallet in water as per the instruction to reactivate the crystals.

    People with diabetes know how important it is to keep insulin as cool as possible for it to be effective. These cooling wallets are useful not only for their cooling purposes but also for the added protection they can give to your insulin pens and cartridges while out and about.

    Frio wallets keep your insulin pens neatly contained in a wallet that fits comfortably in most backpacks or large jacket pockets.


    Frio Duo Cooling Wallet

    Frio Extra Large Cooling Wallet

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  • Blood Glucose Monitor


    Taking medication for long-term condition management whilst travelling needs consideration, as does the safe storage and disposal of devices. A spare lancet device or insulin cooling wallet can help when planning to travel. We’ve listed some products which may be of interest, whether you’re travelling on business or for pleasure.

  • Blood Glucose Monitor

    Managing Diabetes

    Diabetes is a serious condition and there are lots of things you can do to manage it well. It is possible to ensure that diabetes doesn’t negatively impact your life or interfere too much with your lifestyle and everyday activities.

    There are products and tools available from the Medical Shop to help with your diabetes management. These include devices like lancet devices, insulin cooling wallets and glucose tablets to help you monitor and maintain your blood glucose levels.

    As a person living with diabetes, you need to keep your blood glucose level (blood sugar level) in the normal range. If you ingest too much glucose, this can cause hyperglycaemia. This happens when your blood sugar levels are too high. Symptoms include tiredness, increased thirst, blurred vision, frequent urination and rapid weight loss.

    Taking in too little glucose is just as dangerous and can cause hypoglycaemia. This occurs when your blood sugar levels drop too low. Symptoms of hypoglycaemia include shaking, sweating, headaches, irritability and even loss of consciousness.

    Either condition can result in you feeling unwell and can lead to more serious health problems developing. This is why it is important to manage your diabetes correctly with guidance from your doctor about using prescribed insulin medication and monitoring your blood glucose levels to ensure they remain stable.

    You can easily manage your diabetes by taking your diabetes medication as directed by your doctor or nurse. You should also closely follow a healthy eating plan as advised by your doctor or diabetes care nurse. Eating too much or too little food at your mealtimes can throw out your insulin needs, so be careful to eat the right amount of food, have regular mealtimes and don’t skip meals.

    Carry glucose tablets with you at all times so that if your blood sugar levels drop unexpectedly, you can quickly bring them back to a normal level to avoid hypoglycaemia.


    Insulin Delivery Pens - Autopen 24, Autopen Classic

    Lift Glucose - GlucoTabs, GlucoJuice

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    products available online from the Medical Shop. You can buy with confidence
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  • Blood Glucose Monitor

    Sexual Healthcare

    Your overall health applies to all areas of your life, including your sexual health. When you are physically and emotionally healthy, then it’s likely that your sexual relationship. But you won’t enjoy a healthy sexual relationship if something is wrong or it causes you physical pain. There are many things you can do to help improve your sexual health, including eating well, getting enough sleep, regular exercise and avoiding stress. It is possible that you may be suffering from a condition that hampers your ability to have fulfilling sexual encounters, such as erectile dysfunction for men and women experiencing painful penetration, involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles, or dealing with the after effects of pelvic radiotherapy.

    For men, achieving and maintaining an erection can be difficult as a side effect of certain medication, or as a result of stress for example. Your body may not perform at its best when your mind and body are out of sync. It is important to take regular breaks to help you manage this and spend some quality time with your partner. Taking regular exercise improves blood circulation, which is important for getting and maintaining an erection. Devices such as the Rapport range of sexual health products can also be used by men to help them achieve and maintain an erection. For women who experience painful sex, it can present a physical and mental barrier against enjoying a fulfilling sexual relationship.

    There are many ways to overcome this. Your sexual health may benefit from you and your partner working together as a couple. Talking about your issues can help your partner to understand your worries and can help to reduce any associated anxiety you may have. You may be seeing a healthcare professional experienced in sexual health matters, or you may have researched your symptoms and identified that vaginal training cones, also known as vaginal dilators, which are widely used for a range of sexual health conditions, can benefit you.

    Products such as the Amielle dilator range can help provide a gentle self-treatment option from home. The range of dilators allow you to work at your own pace and over time, can alleviate conditions that affect the vagina.


    Womens Sexual Health

    Mens Sexual Health


    CTA: Take a look at the Medical Shop range of sexual healthcare products to help with painful sex and erectile dysfunction that you can use in the comfort of your own home. All medical aids are delivered in discreet packaging to your doorstep and your aid kit will contain a complete set of use and care instructions.