Frio Large Cooling Wallet

Price: £16.00 inc VAT

Price: £16.00 inc VAT

Price: £16.00 inc VAT

Price: £16.00 inc VAT

This is a simple and convenient medication cooling system – particularly when travelling.

When maintaining temperature is important, Frio® Insulin Cooling Wallets are extremely handy for storing injector pens and protecting medication. They are suitable for people with diabetes, anaphylaxis (and other medications),and are available in a range of sizes and colours.

The ‘Duo’ wallet is one of our most popular sizes available. It has 2 pockets to hold 2 standard insulin injector pens or 1 standard insulin injector pen + 2x3ml cartridges.

To work effectively, instructions for activation, use and storage of FRIO wallets should always be followed. Links to detailed instructions are available further down this page.

  • To activate, the inner wallet should be immersed into cold water as instructed.
  • Water is absorbed into crystals contained in the panels of the pouch, expanding into a gel.
  • The gel which remains cool for up to an incredible 45 hours – uses evaporation for cooling.
  • The inner wallet, when placed in the outer cover, should not be stored in a container, allowing the wallet to breathe.

Sizes available:

  • Duo:             2 pockets  178mm x 95mm
  • Large:          1 pocket.   178mm x 140mm
  • Extra Large: 1 pocket.   171mm x 222mm


  • Helps to keep medication cool
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Re-useable

When you buy FRIO, you will receive:

  • An inner wallet
  • An outer cover

To watch an online user demonstration, click here.

To access instructions for use, click here.


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