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Cases & Insulin Bags

The Medical Shop offers a selection of insulin cooling wallets. These are ideal diabetic insulin cases for travelling and when away from home.

Insulin pen cooler bags are simple to use and convenient for keeping your medication cool when you don’t have a fridge available to keep your insulin chilled.

The insulin cooling wallets are handy for storing injector pens and insulin cartridges, keeping your medication protected and in a safe condition. They are a useful tool for people with diabetes or for those taking other injectable medications that need to be kept cool. The range of insulin pen cooler bags is available in different sizes and colours with internal secure pockets to hold standard size insulin injector pens and cartridges.

The FRIO cooling wallets come in two parts, the outer case and the inner cooling wallet. You activate the inner wallet by immersing it in cold water for around ten minutes as instructed. The cooling crystals inside the wallet absorb the water and expand into a cooling gel that can remain cool for up to 45 hours.

The wallets use a system of evaporation for cooling so should not be stored in an air-tight container, but instead, be allowed to breathe to keep the cooling gel active.

Frio insulin cooling wallets help to keep your medication cool and are easy to use. They are lightweight to carry and are reusable by simply immersing the inner wallet in water as per the instruction to reactivate the crystals.

People with diabetes know how important it is to keep insulin as cool as possible for it to be effective. These cooling wallets are useful not only for their cooling purposes but also for the added protection they can give to your insulin pens and cartridges while out and about.

Frio wallets keep your insulin pens neatly contained in a wallet that fits comfortably in most backpacks or large jacket pockets.


Frio Duo Cooling Wallet

Frio Extra Large Cooling Wallet

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