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Price: £33.50 inc VAT

Price: £33.50 inc VAT

Autopen® 24

Everyday thousands of people have to inject themselves with insulin. Autopen® makes the experience of injecting insulin as easy as possible, even for younger users or people with reduced dexterity. Autopen has a unique side firing mechanism for easier injecting and handling. The automatic insulin delivery means minimal force is required to deliver insulin, regardless of volume.

Adaptive accessories include a release button extension and larger size dose selector adaptor. These are handy for people with limited hand movement or grip and for greater control over dosage settings. Make sure you read the compatibility information below to select the correct pen for you.

Insulin Cartridge and Pen Needle Compatibility

Autopen 24 is compatible with Sanofi 3ml insulin cartridges

Autopen is compatible with ALL major brands of insulin pen needles. This includes Owen Mumford pen needle ranges available on prescription:

  • TricareTM pen needles
  • Unifine® Pentips® and
  • Unifine® Pentips® Plus

Autopen® 24 is available in either 1-21 or 2-42 units.

  • The 1-21 unit pen dials up in 1 unit increments to a maximum of 21 units.
  • The 2-42 unit pen dials up in 2 unit increments to a maximum of 42 units.

When you buy or are prescribed an Autopen, you will receive:

  • 1 x Autopen 24: Based on your selection either 1-21 or 2-42 Unit
  • 3 Unifine Pentips pen needles
  • Adaptive accessories

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