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Blood Glucose Monitoring

As part of diabetes management, self-monitoring of blood glucose is important. This helps you to monitor for symptoms of hypo- or hyper-glycaemia. It also helps you to better manage your treatment and lifestyle choices, making alterations as required and in turn, can help to prevent potential long-term complications.

Regular home blood glucose testing gives an accurate picture of blood glucose levels at the time of each test. This involves pricking the side of your finger and putting a drop of blood on a testing strip.

Lancet devices, standard lancets and safety lancets are part of the capillary blood sampling process, facilitating blood glucose monitoring. These products are designed to make life easier for Healthcare Professionals and patients. e.g. Unistik®3, a single use safety lancet range can offer an easy to use lancing device option for patients at home or when travelling. They also help comply to EU Sharps Regulations in multi-patient healthcare settings.

It is important to continue to monitor blood glucose – even when feeling ‘well’ – to ensure that you maintain an accurate guide to your blood glucose levels.