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Price: £9.98 inc VAT

Autolet® Impression

Autolet® Impression is an advanced lancing device designed to provide you with comfort and control when obtaining a blood sample.

The device incorporates Comfort Zone Technology®, which in theory simply means when you press the lancet against the skin, the eight raised dots on the end of the device should send a message of comfort to the brain to mask the pain sensation created by the needle. This has been designed for a more comfortable blood sampling experience.

There are 21 combinations possible with Autolet® Impression to offer optimal blood flow and comfort. The 7 penetration depth settings and 3 force settings allow you to precisely adjust the device for your skin type and sampling needs, creating a personalised experience.

A large ergonomic firing button helps to keep you in control, whilst a clear alternate site end cap gives you the option to use the device for testing on other sites such as the forearm. A spring-loaded design makes ejecting and replacing standard lancets simple.


  • A choice of penetration depth settings to put you in control of your capillary blood sampling
  • Force adjustment allows you to control the lancet force when sampling (this can be used as an alternative to increasing the penetration depth)

Device pack includes:

  • 1 Autolet® Impression
  • 1 depth adjuster
  • 1 alternate site end cap
  • 3 Unilet® lancets
  • Instructions for use

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