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Price: £6.80 inc VAT

Price: £12.70 inc VAT

Unilet® ComforTouch

Standard lancets are used in lancing devices to obtain samples of blood for testing. A needle, encased in plastic and loaded to a lancing device, is used to puncture the skin on the finger (or other body part) to get a blood sample. Lancets are measured by gauge (thickness). The lower the gauge, the larger the perforation the lancet makes, e.g, a 21-gauge lancet will make a larger puncture hole in your skin than a 28-gauge lancet will. The principle of gauge measures apply to standard lancets, single use safety lancets and pen needles.

Owen Mumford offers two ranges of single use lancets, Unilet® Eco and Unilet® ComforTouch™.

Both are compatible with most* capillary blood lancing devices, including Autolet Impression, which is also manufactured by Owen Mumford.

Unilet lancets enable comfortable self-management. They are suitable for any skin type when looking to obtain adequate blood samples quickly, easily and consistently.

Unilet® ComforTouch™ 28 Gauge

  • Unilet ComforTouch features a triple sharpened needle to ensure maximum comfort.
  • The cap of the lancet has been designed to allow the user to place the used needle tip into the cap for convenience.

When you buy Unilet ComforTouch, you will receive:

  • 1 box containing 100 lancets

Safety Information
To minimise the risk of cross infection, single use lancets should only be used for self-monitoring by a single user only. Reuse will affect safety, performance and effectiveness, and exposes users to unnecessary risks

* Unilet is compatible with most* capillary blood lancing devices. The exceptions are Roche Multiclix and Solftclix Pus, LifeScan OneTouch Delica, Nipro TrueDraw.

Unilet® is available on prescription.

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