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Price: £42.50 inc VAT

Autoject 2 for removable needle

Apprehensive about injecting using syringes? Needle-phobic? This could be a solution for you.

Autoject® 2 auto-injector devices conceal the syringe and needle, and enable effective drug delivery at a touch of a button. Concealment of the needle helps to guard against accidental injury.

The advanced auto-injector device can support patients to become self-reliant, making subcutaneous injections simple, convenient and more manageable. It is easy to use, and can be particularly helpful for children and older patients.

It also features a protective cap and locking mechanism to control activation and a large viewing window for easy scrutiny of the syringe. Audible and visual indicators at the start and end of dose delivery ensure medication is administered correctly.

There are two variants to the Autoject 2:

Fixed needle syringes: Compatibility with fixed needle syringes include brands from B.Braun, BD and Terumo. To check compatibility, click here
Removable needle syringes: Compatible with the 1ml BD Tuberculin syringe


Easier for patients of all ages to administer syringe-based medication subcutaneously
The needle is hidden from view making the product suitable for patients with needle phobia
A safety interlock mechanism prevents accidental firing until the device is pressed against the skin
Device indicators show when the injection is successfully completed
Suitable for subcutaneous drug delivery with a wide range of syringes (see compatibility chart)

When you buy Autoject 2, you will receive:

Injector body
Syringe housing
Depth adjustor/s (depending on variants)
Primer (depending on variants)

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